UK – 78 percent of homeowners are concerned about energy efficiency

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Over 1,000 UK homeowners who had recently bought a home were polled as part of a study by property maintenance solution company Help me Fix. Of those, 53% said that a home's energy efficiency rating was a key factor in their decision-making. The good news is that, from a score of 55.6 to 66.1 during the past ten years, the average energy efficiency rating of our homes has grown by 10.5 points.

Despite this, 74% of homeowners claimed that the present crisis in the cost of living has made them value their home's energy efficiency more.

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So much so that 77% of respondents said they have made an effort to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The easiest way to lower energy costs has been to simply turn off appliances at the outlet when not in use. Another well-liked method of lowering energy usage was the installation of a smart meter. Another way to minimize drafts inside the house.

Homeowners across the country appear to have made good use of their time and money because 56% of them noticed a decrease in their energy expenditures as a result. Despite this, 78% of homeowners still think their house might be more energy-efficient, but the biggest obstacle preventing them from making this improvement is the expense.

“Many households will find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place at present, keen to upgrade their home to make it more energy efficient, but unable to cover the cost of doing so with our household finances currently spread thin due to the cost of living crisis,” said Ettan Bazil, CEO and Founder of Help me Fix.

“However, there are a number of smaller, more modest initiatives that can help reduce your energy bills despite the fact that installing a new boiler or double glazing is an expensive way to reduce energy expenditures.

Energy providers are already required to switch you to a smart meter, and doing so is a terrific method to manage your energy usage more effectively.

The bulbs in your home can also be upgraded to more energy-efficient models for a small additional fee, as well as your appliances. By doing this, you can ensure that your house stays warm and use less energy to heat it.



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