Florida Attorney General’s Office Investigates Complaints Against Honest Abe Roofing Tampa

Customers left in the lurch as liens are filed on their homes and roofing projects remain unfinished Honest Abe Roofing Tampa has come under scrutiny as numerous customers have reported unanswered phone... Read more »

Florida Roofing Company Offers AR-15 and Turkey Promotion with Roof Purchase

Roof EZ's “Roof and Gobble” promotion aims to provide safety and family togetherness A roofing company in Florida, Roof EZ, has recently launched a unique promotion that offers customers an AR-15 rifle... Read more »
Blue Metal Roof

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roofing: A Modern Alternative to Traditional Shingles

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Types of Roofing Materials to Choose From

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sky garden on private rooftop of condominium

Green Roofs – Urban Oasis or Just a Fad?

The Green Roof Concept Unearthed A rising trend in urban architecture, green roofs, are reshaping the city landscapes while promising numerous environmental benefits. These roofs, characterized by layers of plants grown on... Read more »