Transforming Empty Corners: Expert Tips to Elevate Your Home Decor

Interior designer Jordan Samson shares creative solutions to make the most of neglected spaces in your home.

Empty corners in the home can often be a challenge to style, especially when dealing with sloped ceilings or alcoves. However, expert interior designer Jordan Samson has the solution. In a recent Instagram video, Samson shared his top tips for transforming blank and redundant spaces into visually interesting corners that add depth and functionality to any room. With his expert advice, you can elevate your home decor and ensure no space is wasted.

Create an ‘independent moment' in every corner

Samson suggests approaching empty corners as an opportunity to create an independent moment within your home. Regardless of the size of the space, consider it as a separate nook with its own purpose. Whether it becomes a cozy reading nook or a space adorned with art, this perspective enhances both functionality and visual appeal. By treating each corner as a unique entity, you can achieve a more considered and cohesive look throughout the room.

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Add functional furniture items as a starting point

To shape the rest of the space, Samson advises starting with a large piece of furniture. By adding a storage cabinet, bookcase, or oversized floor-length mirror, you can reduce the empty wall area and establish a focal point. Consider the specific needs of the space – if storage is a priority, opt for a chest of drawers; if you require a workspace, consider adding a small desk. These functional furniture items not only fill the corner but also serve a practical purpose.

Incorporate a standout accent for visual interest

To complete the transformation of an empty corner, Samson suggests incorporating a standout accent. By adding elements such as artwork, lighting, and occasional seating like a stool or sculptural accent chair, you can draw the eye and create a finished look. This approach ensures that the corner is not an afterthought but a deliberate and visually appealing part of the room. In tighter spaces, simplicity is key – a piece of art or a mirror, along with lighting and seating, can still ground the corner and make it feel complete.


Empty corners in your home no longer need to be neglected spaces. With the expert advice of interior designer Jordan Samson, you can transform them into visually interesting and functional areas. By creating independent moments, adding functional furniture items, and incorporating standout accents, you can elevate your home decor and make the most of every corner. Don't let dead space go to waste – turn it into a focal point that adds depth and personality to your room.

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